Explore some of our frequently asked questions related to “Grow Downtown”.

What is “Grow Downtown South Bend?”

Grow Downtown South Bend is a opportunity for individuals to get involved, invest in, and take pride in their community.  It’s also a unique fundraiser to help beautify downtown.

Do I get to keep what I buy?

No. Your “purchase” is a donation to Downtown South Bend to maintain beautiful atmosphere downtown.  Recognition plaques will be displayed, at a minimum, from mid-May to early September.  Uninstalled plaques will not be available as souvenirs.

Who do I contact if I have issues with the website or ordering?

Call Downtown South Bend Inc. at 574-282-1110 or email [email protected]

Can I choose where my basket or bowl is located?

Baskets and bowls have set locations within the downtown.  If you would like to choose exactly where your donated item is located within these locations, you are able to do so for an additional $10 donation.  Please add the “Choose a Scene” option to your cart and follow the instructions to enter the location you desire.  We’ll do as best we can to get you in that location…if we cannot, we will refund your $10.  To preview the basket/bowl locations, click here.

Where will my planting be located if I do not request a scene?

Locations will be listed on the Grow Downtown website after the flowers have been planted.  Or you can just take a stroll throughout downtown and hunt for your personalized plaque!

What will the flower baskets and plantings look like?

We cannot guarantee what our flowers will look like.  The pictures on the “Purchase” page will give you an idea of what they MIGHT look like, but until they show up from the greenhouse, we really don’t know.  In addition, weather conditions will greatly impact the look of the flowers throughout the summer. This year’s plantings will include varieties of lantanas, petunias, and sweet potato vines.

Can I rush my order?

To keep costs low, orders are processed on a regular business timeline, usually within 5 business days. However, we will do our best to accommodate special requests.  Please call us at (574) 282-1110.

When will my planting be installed?

Baskets and bowls will be ready by mid-May. Installation is contingent upon weather and flower conditions.

How long will my planting and recognition last?

Plantings will remain until mid-September depending on weather and flower conditions. Bowls are replanted with mums in the fall, so they last for 2 seasons! Please note, however, that named recognition only lasts for one year. Either select “automatically renewing gift” at checkout or return to purchase again next year so that we may keep our downtown looking great year after year!

When will I receive my customized card?

Cards will be processed in 3-5 business days (plus mail time).  Please make sure you indicate proper shipping address for the card at checkout.

Can I purchase more than one planting or basket and recognize a different individual for each?

Absolutely!  Please indicate the quantity you’d like to order at checkout, then use field “If Purchasing Multiples (Option 3)” to indicate how you’d like each individual to be recognized and the name… separate each entry with a comma.  Example —  With Appreciation to: Libbyrae Troyer, In Memory of Michael Rheams, In Honor of: The Diaz Family.