An investment into the visual identity and economic prosperity of downtown South Bend.

Grow Downtown is a beautification initiative focused on community pride, business revitalization, and sustainable urban development. Spring flowers represent accelerated growth and excitement in downtown South Bend!

What is “Grow Downtown?”

“Grow Downtown” is a fundraising opportunity presented by DTSB, allowing individuals to get involved and take pride in their community.
This effort focuses on three areas:
  • Community Appeal: encourage community pride, create a positive perception of place, and increase property value
  • Downtown Development: renew business districts, draw shoppers, attract new businesses
  • Sustainable Growth: enhance green space, boost tourism, improve quality of life

Why Flowers?

Beautification projects are at the heart of urban development. Improved property value is directly linked to well-maintained, dense landscaping and green spaces. Interestingly, crime rates are lower in areas that appear clean and cared for. Thus, residents and businesses are more attracted to urban areas that feature green spaces. Overall, a positive perception of place invites pedestrian participation, encourages community cohesion, and boosts business.

Individuals can purchase hanging flower baskets and plantings to adorn the streets of downtown South Bend. Each floral arrangement adds color, vitality, and beauty to the downtown area. The arrangements will represent, memorialize, or honor community members while serving as a catalyst for growth downtown.

How It Works:

  1. Choose how you’d like to Grow Downtown.
    Visit the Purchase page and decide on a Hanging Basket, Small Flower Bowl, or Large Flower Bowl.
  2. Pick your options.
    Select a specific location and a card, if desired.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
    Add details and check out! Downtown South Bend will include your choice in their next planting. It’s that simple. Then, sit back and enjoy!
    Locations can be chosen from the map below.

You’ll also receive:

  • An individual, custom engraved plaque, with your message installed outdoors near your donated item.
  • A custom keepsake card (if selected), containing a descriptor of your donation and a personal message.
  • Recognition of your purchase on the Grow Downtown Recognition Page (link).