Our Parking Promise

Clean, Safe, Hospitable and Professional, with a commitment to reinvesting in downtown.

About DTSB Parking

An unorthodox parking program that is guaranteed to be clean, safe, hospitable and professional, with a commitment to investing in the advancement of Downtown South Bend.

The Downtown South Bend Parking Promise is more than a logo, a tag line or a flash in the pan promotion. It’s a written guarantee of our commitment to delivering an unconventional and highly functional parking program. Our desire is to consistently exceed your expectations in caring for both the physical environment and for you – whether you’re a visitor, customer or employee. You can read more about our Parking Promise below, and the philosophy behind it.



Great first impressions start with appearance.

  • Parking Ambassadors who patrol the streets are utilized to remove litter and debris along their routes
  • Graffiti removed with 24 hours of appearance
  • Daily cleaning of all elevator cabs, stairwells, doors, and trash receptacles
  • Frequent attention  to touch up paint on all surfaces and equipment
  • Special standards ensure attention to detail cleaning in all areas (ex. gum removal)
  • Care for exterior landscaping – including planting, watering, and pruning
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly cleaning standards tracked via locally & regionally managed log
  • Maintenance and cleaning equipment stored out of sight
  • Overnight maintenance ensures cleaning when garages are least occupied


The safety and security of every parker is, without question, our top priority.

  • Safety escorts available to those walking to and from vehicles during evening hours
  • Parking garage light bulb outages replaced within 24 hours
  • Staff trained extensively to address and deter vagrancy and panhandling issues
  • Parking Ambassadors trained in First Aid and CPR
  • Distribution of educational safety collateral
  • Ambassadors connected via 2-way radios and cell phones
  • Prime attention given to potential safety hazards and code violations
  • Prompt and efficient snow and ice abatement strategies


Downtown isn’t defined simply as a place with buildings, stores and restaurants. It is about the experience encountered by customers, visitors, residents and employees.

  • Parking Ambassadors carry downtown maps and are thoroughly trained on local directions as well as stores, restaurants, attractions, hours, prices, and events
  • Parking Ambassadors trained with retail hospitality mentality and are encouraged to find meaningful ways to improve someone’s downtown experience
  • Enforcement Ambassadors earn goodwill by focusing on continual engagements to deliver smiles and greetings to as many people as possible
  • Parking Ambassadors trained with motor vehicle assist skills, such battery  jumping  and tire changing
  • Interior garage space represents opportunities to paint a hospitable and inviting downtown image
  • “Parker Appreciation Day” 


Highly prepared to exceed expectations.

  • Utmost uniform standards –  khaki pants, red polo shirts, jackets, belts, hats, black shoes and an extreme level of attention to detail in look
  • Standards of conduct are highest in industry – no chewing gum, no using personal cell phones or headphones, no drinking soda, etc.
  • Receipts are given for all transactions, cash handling is highly audited, and bookkeeping is redundant
  • Extensive training ensures Parking Ambassadors are equipped to professionally handle a vast variety of scenarios and issues
  • Hiring, interviewing and background/drug screening process is standardized nationally
  • On-going, weekly staff training is nationally supported with a local focus
  • Equipment is professionally branded and well-maintained
  • High-quality metrics and reporting standards are locally defined and expertly delivered