Financial assistance to renovate or restore building facades and adjacent streetscapes in downtown South Bend.

The purpose of the matching grant is to provide assistance in funding well-designed building façade and streetscape improvements that respect the building’s history, original design integrity, and adjacent structures and that make a noticeable visual enhancement in the downtown area.


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This is a rebate program under which owners will be reimbursed 50% (maximum grant of $20,000) of the total amount spent on the project. Examples of qualifying expenditures include, but are not limited to:

Building Exterior: exterior painting, masonry refurbishing, awnings, exterior building lighting, storefront entry systems and individual windows and door replacement or modification.

Streetscape: streetscape plantings, street furniture, curb and sidewalk, street lights and related amenities.

How to Apply:

  1. Review the entire Program Guidelines.
  2. Download the Pre-Application and submit it to DTSB with digital pictures of your property.
  3. Once your Pre-Application is approved, you will be asked to fill out the complete Grant Application.

For further questions, please contact Leslie Pinson at 574-968-7291

Note: Grant funds are limited and are awarded to businesses using a points system established by the DTSB Façade Grant Committee.

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