From Le Peep to Peggs: New era hatches at downtown South Bend restaurant

By Jake Brown | South Bend Tribune Photos by Michael Caterina | South Bend Tribune

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Photo courtesy of the South Bend Tribune.

Raise your hand if you’ve eaten at Le Peep without realizing it was a franchise location.

Peg Dalton, owner and operator of the popular downtown South Bend restaurant, heard that time and again from customers over the years. I’d bet there are some people reading this column right now that had no idea there are more than 40 locations in the Le Peep franchise across 14 states.

True story. There are a handful of Le Peeps around Indianapolis and one in Valparaiso. And now there’s one less.

Dalton reached an agreement with Le Peep recently to break away from the franchise. She closed Monday for some quick renovations and reopened Thursday under a new name — Peggs, a play on her first name and a nod to the breakfast niche her restaurant has carved out.

“It’s to be more local really,” Dalton said. “We’ve always been locally owned but now we’ll have a more local presence. I’m very involved in my business and very passionate about what we do here. I’m happy to own it and put a local name on it.”

Side note: If you’ve been wondering what the egg billboards around town were about, now you know.

Dalton launched the franchise locally in 2001 with a couple of business partners. She bought out those partners and became sole owner in 2011.

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