East Bank Dining

East Bank Village dining is home to the award- winning Becky Burger, to river side dining, to authentic Italian dining, and more. Make your way to the East Bank Village for your next dining destination, and your taste buds are sure to be rewarded. 

Local pizzeria offering pizza, salads, and sandwiches.
713 E. Jefferson Boulevard
(574) 288-4981
Homemade lasagna, chicken marsala, and pan seared talapia
214 N. Hill Street  
(574) 280-4824
Local pub that offers pizza, breadsticks, and subs
441 E. LaSalle Avenue
(574) 233-5326
A restaurant on the river that offers steak, seafood, and more
121 S. Niles Avenue
(574) 234-9000
An Italian bakery that offers freshly baked cookies, tiramisu, eclairs, and more
214 N. Hill Street
(574) 282-1010

Local cafe that offers breakfast, sandwhiches, salad bar, and baked goods
123 N. Hill Street
(574) 287-6724
Contemporary cooking in a modern urban atmosphere
521 E Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 239-7777
Local pizzeria that offers pizza, pasta, sandwhiches, soups, and salads
537 N St. Louis Boulevard
(574) 233-2464
Local Italian Cafe that offers spaghetti, raviolli, mostacciolli, and more
601 N. Niles Avenue
(574) 232-9620
Local deli serving soups, breads and pastries, salads, and sandwiches
609 E. Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 286-4193
Local tavern that offer burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and soups
515 E. Jefferson Boulevard
(574) 288-VIEW