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Share the delight of dinner, performance, shopping and more! Downtown Dollars are a terrific way to encourage friends, family and coworkers to shop and support downtown South Bend. Downtown Dollars work just like cash and make great gifts for any occasion. Use them for birthdays, employee recognition, or the holiday season! Certificates are available in $10, $25, and $50 increments and are accepted at more than 50 downtown South Bend businesses. Check the ‘participants’ tab for a full list of participating businesses. Downtown Dollars are valid 120 days from the date of purchase.


What is the Downtown South Bend (DTSB) Downtown Dollars Program?
DTSB Downtown Dollars is a gift certificate program for participating restaurants, attractions and shops.
What makes DTSB Downtown Dollars different from other gift cards?
DTSB Downtown Dollars are different than other gift cards because of their mission to support local shopping, dining, and services in the downtown area. By purchasing and using DTSB Downtown Dollars, you are directly supporting the local merchants who make our downtown a unique and vibrant place to be.
Where are the stores who accept DTSB Downtown Dollars located, and how do I identify them?
You can find a list of participating businesses on the brochure you receive with your purchase or at Each participating business also has a Downtown South Bend Downtown Dollars logo on the door or window. Currently, there are over 50 locations that accept DTSB Downtown Dollars.
What increments are used for the DTSB Downtown Dollars?
DTSB Downtown Dollars are sold in increments of $10.00, $25.00, and $50.00. Bulk orders in custom denominations are also available. Please contact Leslie Pinson at 574-282-1110. All sales are final. There are no cancelations, exchanges, or refunds.
When do Downtown Dollars expire?
The DTSB Downtown Dollars expire 120 days from the date it was issued.
Can patrons cancel an order?
No. All Sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. DTSB is also not responsible for Downtown Dollars that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
How can I purchase DTSB Downtown Dollars?

Here – Fill out the small form to order. The purchase will cost an additional $1.00 for processing per certificate. If you would like the certificate to be mailed, it will be an additional $1.00 per address for shipping and handling. Certificates can only be mailed in the continental United States.
For Bulk orders, please contact Director of Business Engagement, Leslie Pinson at (574) 282-1110, or at [email protected] . Bulk orders are subject to discounted processing fees.

What if I want to purchase something that costs more than my DTSB Downtown Dollar is worth?
The method of payment for the remaining balance will be determined by the participating business.
Can I use my DTSB Downtown Dollar at more than one merchant?

Since the certificate can only be made out to one business, it cannot be used at more than one merchant.


What happens if I need to return something I purchased with my DTSB Downtown Dollars?

Return policies will follow the policies of the participating business.


I am a new or existing business in the downtown. How can I accept DTSB Downtown Dollars?

Please contact Director of Business Engagement, Leslie Pinson at (574) 282-1110 or [email protected]

Should you have any other questions about your DTSB Downtown Dollars, please feel free to contact Director Of Business Engagement, Leslie Pinson at (574) 282-1110 or [email protected] 



The list below contains all businesses that accept Downtown Dollars as a form of payment. Let us know if there is a business not listed below that you would like to see involved.
Ali on the Boulevard
722 E. Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 274-3110
Barnaby’s Pizza
713 E. Jefferson Blvd
Bruno’s Pizza
131 S. Michigan St.
Cafe Navarre
​101 N. Michigan St.
Chicory Cafe
105 E. Jefferson Blvd. 
(574) 234-1141
Cinco 5
112 Colfax Ave.
(574) 520-1455
CJ’s Pub
236 S. Michigan St.
(574) 233-5981
The Emporium
121 S. Niles Ave.
(574) 234-9000
Edible Arrangements 
123 S. Michigan St.
(574) 234-8182​
Fiddler’s Hearth
127 N. Main St.
(574) 232-2853
Flamingos Grocery & Restaurant
425 S. Main St.
(574) 234-1546
Kim’s Cafe
121 S. Niles Ave.
(574) 274-4704
​LaSalle Grill
115 W. Colfax Ave.
(574) 288-1155
LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern
115 W. Colfax Ave. 
(574) 288-1155
Le Peep
127 S. Michigan St.
(574) 234-7011
Linden Grill
110 N. Main St.
(574) 234-7011
Macri’s Italian Bakery
214 N. Niles Ave.
(574) 282-1010
Madison Oyster Bar
129 N. Main St.
(574) 288-3776
Morris Performing Arts Center
211 N. Michigan St. 
(574) 235-9190
Purple Porch Co-op 
123 N. Hill St. 
(574) 287-6724
Render Kitchen & Bar
521 E. Jefferson Blvd. 
South Bend Brew Werks
216 S. Michigan St
(574) 334-0356
South Bend Chocolate Cafe
122 South Michigan St.
(574) 232-9620
South Bend Civic Theater
403 N. Main St. 
(574) 234-1112
South Bend Cubs 
501 W. South St. 
(574) 235-9988
South Bend Museum of Art
120 S. Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd
(574) 235-9102
South Bend Symphony Orchestra
127 N. Michigan St. 
(574) 232-6343
Sunny Italy Cafe
601 N. Niles Ave.
(574) 232-2589
103 W. Colfax Ave. 
(574) 232-9200
The Exchange
112 W. Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 310-8999
The Mole Hole
702 E. Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 232-8488
The Music Village
108 N. Main St. 
(574) 245-7664
The Pigeon & The Hen Pottery
217 S. Michigan St. 
(734) 218-3346
Therapeutic Indulgence
903 E. Jefferson Blvd.
(574) 520-1664
Tippecanoe Place
620 W. Washington St. 
(574) 234-9077
Vegetable Buddies
129 N. Michigan St.  
(574) 232-0954
Woochi Japanese Fusion
123 W. Washington St. 
(574) 289-8669