Food Truck Brings New Take On Classic Breakfast Dish

South Bend Tribune | Lincoln Wright

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A new food truck will hit the streets soon, serving up some unique takes on a classic breakfast favorite.

The Waffle Wagon expects to make its debut at the end of April, and will offer dishes that owner Mandi Alaniz says are "really wild food." It's not going to be the traditional sweet waffles, she says; it's going to have a bigger focus on savory.

Because her food truck will cater mostly to lunch and dinner crowds, Alaniz says, she thought it would hinder her business to have only sweet options. And she's getting creative, using other types of dough to create her savory dishes.

One of her signature dishes will be a cornbread waffle topped with chili, sour cream and cheese. Alaniz will be doing a number of waffle sandwiches, that have waffles as the bread, and of course she'll have her take on chicken and waffles.

They'll be served in a waffle cone with chipotle honey.

Alaniz will also have waffle on a stick, which she described as a corn dog with a waffle print. She got her inspiration from a popular street food in the Philippines that serves waffles on a stick filled with a variety of things. A couple of Alaniz's ideas are a pizza dough waffle filled with cheese and served with marinara sauce and a blueberry waffle with a sausage.

There will be some sweet items on the menu, Alaniz says, because she knows some people will want that. She has an idea for an Elvis waffle that will have peanut butter, bacon and bananas.

"It's definitely going to be outside the box," she says about her menu.

Alaniz's idea for a food truck came about two years ago. She's worked in the restaurant industry for 13 years, but never had the desire to open her own business. Most recently she was the general manager at Bar Louie in Mishawaka.

But from attending music festivals, Alaniz says, she started becoming a big fan of food trucks. The food the trucks served was unique and the people working seemed to be having a lot of fun, she says.

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