Community Art Project Design Contest

2018 Community Art Project Design Contest

Each year, Art Beat invites members of the community to get in touch with their artistic side for the day, by way of the Community Art Project. The 2018 Community Art Project will feature interactive murals, and we are currently in search of local artists to design these murals.

Please see the examples below of interactive murals that have been done in other cities. We are looking for visually appealing designs that encourage people to visit the site and take fun pictures. These murals will draw people to downtown and the pictures taken here will market downtown South Bend across social media channels.

Entry Guidelines

  • The contest is open to artists of any age – students through adult – and any skill level. This includes Art Beat artists, and Art Beat Committee members – as the Art Beat Committee is comprised of many Art Beat artists, and their volunteer work for this event does not prohibit them from taking part in all opportunities available to other local artists.
  • Entries must contain original artwork.
  • Rough sketches will suffice for now as long as they provide enough indication of what the finished product would look like.
  • Each applicant may submit up to three designs.
  • Entries can be submitted electronically (preferred) or original artwork can be dropped off to the DTSB offices (217 S. Michigan St., in the same building as The Pigeon & The Hen Pottery.) Original artwork can be picked up once the judging is completed.

Additional Contest Details

  • Entry deadline is Monday, May 21.
  • More than one winner will be chosen.
  • Winners will receive $100, and will be asked to outline the design during the week before Art Beat (which takes place August 18, 2018.)
  • The artist is encouraged to oversee the project during Art Beat, if possible.


  • Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 
    • Creativity
    • Aesthetics
    • Interactive capabilites
    • Ease of which the project can be completed by the community (by visitors to Art Beat, with supervision and instruction.)


Any questions, concerns, etc. can be emailed to [email protected]

Legal Notes

Those making submissions agree that Art Beat/Downtown South Bend retains all copyrights of the materials submitted. By submitting to the contest, the designer agrees to grant Art Beat/Downtown South Bend the right to publish, reproduce, diffuse, and communicate to the public in any form and platform, including digital, all or part of the design.

Examples of interactive murals in other cities:


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