Art Beat 2017 Blog Post for Participants #3

Author: Danielle Wilborn, Guest Blogger, Artist Liaison

Art Beat 2017 Blog Post for Participants #3

Featuring helpful hints on how to prepare for the possibility of rain 
Written by Guest Blogger Danielle Wilborn of Artists of Michiana...Unleashed!
Artist Liaison
August 18, 2017

With the possibility of rain in the forecast for Saturday, we thought we’d put together some tips for preparing!

A little bit of rain doesn’t dampen the spirit at Art Beat as previous rainy years have shown. The crowds still show up, and people still buy.

First thing is first. Have a tent. Second thing. WEIGHT YOUR TENT. At least 20lbs on each corner. Up that with predictions of windy weather. We highly suggest sandbags or 3 gallon buckets filled with cement secured with strong cord or tension straps.

Some tents come with walls you can attach in case of rainy weather, but there are other options available if you don’t have one. A really popular method is to get dollar store shower curtains and use zip ties to attach to your tent. You can use wide tape to tape the edges of panels together for better coverage. Bonus if you grab the ones with weighted bottoms.  The completely clear shower curtains can also be laid over display materials to keep items dry. Make sure to weigh down the edges or the wind will blow them right off. These can also be hung on the inside of your tent to help keep hung work dry from any rain that gets blown in. (Clear construction plastic can be used as well)

If you have extra inventory stored in boxes – swap them for plastic storage totes. In a pinch you can put large trash bags around some of your boxes, but chances are they won’t fit, and cardboard is not meant to get wet. It will completely ruin your experience/ day at Art Beat. On the same note – bring plenty of plastic sealable bags for any smaller items. They are great for keeping things dry while still having them on display.

Keep in mind that the booths are lined up on the edges of the street – which happens to be exactly where – you guessed it – water likes to accumulate. Wearing the proper footwear will help keep you a happy camper. Bring a pair of galoshes or beach sandals in case. Squishy shoes are an enthusiasm killer. Basically if you know you don’t like being wet – bring a rain poncho or jacket with a hood.

IF the weather turns sour please be sure to listen to event officials and organizers on safety or closing up shop. Don’t pack up just because the person across the way and down the street is. By packing up early without OK from an organizer they are risking not being able to participate in future events. We want everyone safe, so if there is dangerous weather participants will be notified.

While we are all crossing our fingers the rain stays away, these tips can help salvage a rainy event!

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