Our heroes wear red. 


Our heroes wear red. 

Look for the smiling face in a red shirt!

A key strategic goal for us is to provide hospitality and assistance to merchants, residents and visitors in the downtown Central Business District and East Bank Village area. In 2004, DTSB established the Downtown Ambassador Pilot Program. In 2006, DTSB contracted with Block-by-Block, a nationally recognized company creating custom hospitality and safety programs for cities across the United States.

Ambassadors work 24/7 and are available to you as an information source, for safety patrols and escorts, motorist assists, and more. 

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Social Outreach Program

For Ambassador assistance, call 574.400.3949.

The Downtown Ambassadors are hired locally and trained to accomplish the following:

  • Assist merchants, residents and visitors in the downtown
  • Offer maps, brochures and directions to visitors in order to enhance their downtown experience
  • Speak with business owners and managers to learn their issues and concerns, as well as provide information and opportunities available through DTSB
  • Discourage panhandling and promote safety
  • Report code violations, damage and/or hazards to the appropriate city departments
  • Plant and maintain over 270 hanging flower baskets; 3,225 flowers in 173 beds, pots and tree rings
  • Install hundreds of flags and banners as well as seasonal decorations for holiday promotions.

For safety and cleaning assistance, please contact the Ambassadors at 574.400.3949. For emergency assistance, please call the South Bend Police Department at 574.235.9201