Mystery at the Mansion: Clueless in Copshaholm

September 6, 2012 — South Bend, IN– Tickets go on sale September 3 for Mystery at the Mansion: Clueless in Copshaholm, taking place at the Center for History on Friday, October 12 and 19.

In the fictional play, Corpus has met a terrible fate at his own birthday party. Inviting friends and business associates from different periods in his life, he has little idea that one of them has secret motives in accepting the invitation. Is it the professor he knew as a college student in 1918? Perhaps it’s the film producer he met in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties. Could it be the lawyer who worked with Corpus out west in the 1930s? Or what about the British Lady–just where was she on the night in question?

Costumed performers portray the various characters. As participants walk through the 38-room Oliver Mansion, they hear the characters’ dialogues, with the rooms of the house as a backdrop to each scene. Details of the crime surfaces as the play unfolds. This popular mystery needs good investigative skills to track down “whoddunnit.“and those who solve the case win a chance at the grand prize.

Tickets are limited. Tours leave every eight minutes, starting at 5:30 p.m. Advance tickets are strongly recommended to guarantee a place on a tour and may be purchased by calling 574-235-9664. Admission is $10/adults; $8/seniors; $6/youth 6-17; and $5/members.

The story has been written by local author Roger Chrastil, who scripted past Mystery at the Mansion plays as well as the Center for History’s Christmas at Copshaholm specialty tours. Chrastil has also written several other works, including the plays An Immigrant’s Story and “Or Does It Explode?”, both of which were performed at the Center for History.

Copshaholm, the Oliver Mansion, once home to the J.D. Oliver family, is a historic house museum owned and operated by the Center for History. The Oliver family moved into the three-story, 12,000 square-foot house on January 1, 1897. The Victorian mansion would be home to the family for the next 75 years. All of Copshaholm’s furnishings are original, showing the house just as it appeared when the family lived there. Copshaholm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

For information, call (574) 235-9664 or visit

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